Different painting for a change

It’s been a long time since i have done any regular painting. But this year I thought I’d try do put some paintings together to send to my family in Sweden. At least they are fairly easy to ship, and I usually have problems thinking of what to send anyway.

We had some left over masonite hardboard from some recent house project, so I decided to use that. I didn’t really have any specific motif in mind, so I just decided on some more or less at random. This is the first time I have tried painting with acrylic paints. We had a set of 6 basic acrylic art paints, and of course I have all my miniature paint as well.

For the first painting I decided to make blue bird. For this I didn’t use any specific reference, but just several pictures or blue birds, and flowers. The yellow coreopsis are based on a picture from our yard that Michael took.

I used the airbrush to make a background, the I started with the old post.



I used the art acrylics for the bird.



I did the yellow coreposis next.



The blue flowers in the background turned out a bit wonky. I was planning for them to be veronicas, but they don’t look much like that.




At the end I added a small lady bug. Here’s a closeup.


I added some grass to the bottom area. This is the final painting. The size is about 16″ x 12″





The second painting was a smaller one. This one is about 10″ x 10″. This one is based pretty closely on a picture of a horned owl I found online. I just added small twig as well.



The final painting:




For the third, I tried to make a copy of an album cover. My brother had mentioned to me a long time ago that he was looking for a good picture of this cover so he could have it printed and hung on the wall. This is supposed to be the cover of Bruce Springsteen’s album Nebraska. This one is about 16″ x 16″

I did the flat colors on the background with the airbrush and masking. Then I hand painted the rest.



The final painting.




I have never really done that much artwork, and none in the last 5+ years. But this was fun to work on. Michael said she wanted me to make some to hang on our walls, so I need to thing of something else to paint.




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