McFarlane Toys – Daryl on Chopper, repaint

A while back I bought a McFarlane Toy Building set that I found on sales. It’s a scene with Daryl Dixon from the Walking dead. It’s really just a simple toy, but I thought I’d try to improve the paint on it. It has been sitting on my shelf for quite a while, but today I through I’d have a stab at it.


This the box and all the parts



This kit has 154 parts. Most of those is the ground and pieces of fake grass



The pieces of the figures



This is the face ‘before’. It’s actually not a bad likeness, seeing how small it is.


I stripped the paint off the head, and primed it in black



Ok, here’s my attempt at painting the face. I still have some adjustments to do. I think it actually lost some of the likeness as I painted in the features. The eyes are too large, for once. I checked out some pictures for reference, and it seems the actor has fairly narrow squinty eyes. Also, the mouth does not look right at the moment. For once, it is a bit crooked. I will try to adjust this. He just looks a bit too happy right now ;)

daryl6  daryl7



Here’s another shot of the head for scale.




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