Rainbow Brush Contest

The Rainbow Brush Contest is a miniature painting contest set up by painter extraordinaire Marike Reimer. The contest is held at the GenCon gaming conference. But there is also an online portion held at the Wamp Forum. I decided to enter this.

The premise of the contest was pretty simple – paint a figure or group of figure that represents all the colors of the rainbow.

I decided to make a little diorama using some of the figures I recently got in the Darksword Critter kickstarter campaign. My plan was to make a musical ‘band, and I picked out the figures that were playing some sort of instrument. There were only three of them, so I added a fourth that had a fairly neutral post that could represent a ‘singer’. Still this was a pretty small band, so I ordered two more figures.

I made a small base, using some plaster and flocking. I gave it a catchy name, added a label and this is what I have submitted:

The voting has started, and we are waiting on the results. There are some very good entries.


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