Iron Painter Contest – Round 5

The last round of the Iron Painter contest has been completed. Since I was eliminated in round 4, I am just participating in the last round outside of the competition. The theme for this round was “Space Oddity”. After thinking of aliens and spaceships for a while, without any great ideas, I decided to have an alternative interpretation of the theme. Space Oddity made me think of Odd Space, and an ‘odd space’ is an Ames Room. That’s logic, right? I was curious if it is possible to make an Ames Room in such small scale.

It took quite a bit of experimenting to get the shape of the room right. Then the biggest challenge was to take the photos. I was not able to focus close enough with my regular DSLR so I had to use my old point and shoot camera instead. I think the distorted perspective worked out pretty well.

Experimenting with the room


Since the figures can be different scale, that kind of makes the effect of the ames room less effective, so I decided to use a couple of figures that was obviously of the same size. I also chose figures by Wyrd, since then everyone would know they only come in one size. I ended up getting the ‘nurses’

One of them painted:



Testing out the effect:



Painting the other nurse:



I decided to add another create as well. This is a monster from Reaper that I already had in my stash:



Painted the monster:








Both nurses painted:



The final images I submitted to the contest.



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