Iron Painter Contest – Round 2

The theme for round two if the iron painter contest is “It’s the end of the world as we know it”.

It took me a while to come up with something that would work with the theme. In the end I made a fairly silly entry, with quite a bit of figure but not so much detail.

I needed some ‘regular’ folks for this, and I had problem finding any good figures. It seems most figures are either carrying some sort of weapon or is doing something special, or they are ‘townsfolk’ which means they have a more fantasy/medieval feel to them. For a few of the figures I used zombies I already had and just cleaned them up a bit.

Here are several WIP pictures. I was posting some to the Wyrd forum as I was working on it, so i have quite a bit of pictures. They are all pretty small though.
I converted this zombie into an odd looking man:


Working with balsa foam for the base.


Another converted zombie. This one is a Reaper figure


mindless_zombie4 mindless_zombie5




Made a little well:




And a sign:




Painted the Wyrd logo in this guy’s shirt.


And I put paint brushes in the hands of all the figures. The brushes I made out of pins that I cut of and used the sharp end of.




The final entry:




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