Iron Painter Contest

The people over at Wyrd Miniatures is having a contest – the Iron Painter. It is a direct elimination contest with five rounds. I think they ended up with quite a bit more contestants than they had planned – there were 228 people who signed up.

The first round has been completed. The theme for the round was “Fool’s Gold”. I made a little diorama with a treasure hunter in an egyptian tomb. The adventurer and the mummy are both Reaper bones. The anubis is a reaper metal figure. The two egyptian statues are by a company called Itar’s Workshop.

My entry did pretty well. There were a bit of confusion, as my opponent never submitted an entry. According to the rules I would be matched up against someone else instead, but somehow my name didn’t make it to that list. So I ended up without an opponent. This made it pretty easy for me to advance to the next round. But then again, my entry had the highest score in the round (54 out of 60) so I guess it didn’t really matter who I was up against.

A few WIP pictures:

I made most of the base and the chest the anubis is sitting on out of balsa foam. I carved some symbols into the chest:



Planning the layout:

Egyptian statues and more carvings:

The final picture I submitted to the contest:



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