Brain-Eating Zombie – Part 2

I have made a bit of progress on the Zombie. I primed it dark, and for the water, I painted it a dark green/grey. I then filled the base with about 1/16″ of epoxy. This was my first time using epoxy. It didn’t turn out quite the way I had expected, but not too bad. I added some wash to the epoxy to make it darker, but I don’t think it made much difference. I will need to add quite a bit more color next time.

I am using Woodland Scenics water effect to create some ripples around the body. Again, this is the first time using this, and it will take some practice to get it right. I notice that it looks a bit odd now when some of the surface is completely mirror-flat, then just around the body there are ripples. I think I will cover the whole surface with a little bit of texture.

My plan is to build up the water under his right hand so it looks like he just lifted the arm up from under the water. The water effect is taking a long time to dry though, and that part is still not completely transparent. Of course, I am planning on adding some highlights to this anyway, to simulate foam/and light, so that might not be so big a problem.

The skin is about half-way done, I would guess. I think it looks a little bit too even green right now, so I will try to lighten it, and add some blotches.





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