Brain-Eating Zombie

During a christmas party in the figure painting group I am in, I received this bust from Kirk Kirkland of Collapse Industries (thank you!). It’s a zombie with detached arms holding a brain.



While I was figuring out how to position the hands in relation to the head, my wife suggested that I could put him in water when just his head and hands sticking up. I though that sounded like a great idea, so that’s what I am going with.

I decided I needed to sculpt some shoulders to make this work. To get a rough idea for how to do this, I used some sand.


Once I had worked out approximately how I wanted everything positioned, I cut the base of the bust, and mounted into a board. I cut some foam into the rough shape of the shoulders.

zombie3 zombie4

I proceeded to cover the foam with a layer of milliput. The surface of this got kind of lumpy, so I finished it with a thin layer of green stuff. This is where I am right now. Next I’ll see if i need to fix anything or add additional details, then I will prime and start painting. I also need to work out how I want to make the surface of the ‘water’ around him. I was planning for the water to be dark, so not much see-through.

zombie6 zombie5



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