Euterpe – Darksword Miniatures

I’ve started my first figure from the Darksword Kickstarter. It was hard to decide what to work on first. This is Euterpe, one of the Muses. She is playing a flute, but I have not attached the arms yet, so right now it looks a bit odd.

So far I have worked mostly on the base, and the dress. I will do the basic highlight and shade on the skin as well, and then attached the arms. That part seems like it will be a bit tricky to get right, but hopefully it will not be too hard. This is what I have so far:



At first I made her eye look straight forward, but when I held up the flute in from of her face, that looked weird. Now I have her looking down instead. It looks a bit odd, but I am hoping it will look better with the flute attached. I also think I need to move the eyebrows down a bit.


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