Sacagawea bust by Minuteman Models

Tiger Production is having a moving sale, and I got a couple of figures from the Minuteman Model range at a great price. One of them was a Sacagawea bust that I have started on.

The bust came in two pieces with the knife being separate. There were a few mold-lines but nothing too bad. The finish in the face wasn’t great, especially since Sacagawea was supposed to have been a teenager, but some light sanding made it better. I also rounded off her jawline and protruding chin a little, as they were very sharp. There was a slight mis-cast on the side of her nose that I fixed, as well using some putty around the knife to make it fit better. Overall I’d say it a good quality bust, though not the best. It’s great value for the price though.

Here it is before and after priming, and with the painting started.


A bit more finished with more of the clothing painted.


The eyes definitely require some work… I think the irises might be a little bit too small, and she looks a bit crooked-eyed. I still need to finish the hair, belt and knife.




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