Tooth and Sword Chibi Figures

During the summer I supported a small kickstarter for some cool looking chibi figures. It’s the Tooth and Sword Range by Meridian Miniatures

Tooth and Sword KS

I have no special interest in chibi (in fact, I hadn’t even heard the term before the kickstarter), but these looked like fun well-sculpted figures. I got about half a dozen figures that I liked the best. I have started one of them. I realized as I was researching how to paint them that the eyes are the most important part of these, so that’s what I started with. This figure is the dog that is part of ‘the neutrals’.

The first few steps — primed, painted the eyes, and then the head.


I’ve put in the basic colors for the rest of the figure, but I haven’t added any shading or highlighting yet.





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