Monogram Peterbilt – Part 2

I have finished the Peterbilt model. I decided to paint it in a patriotic color scheme, with red white and blue, and stars and stripes.

I am not very good at taking pictures of my projects while I am working on them. As evident by the fact that I only have one in-progress shot of the peterbilt.

This is the big ‘box’ that is behind the cab. I have painted it red, and then masked it to start painting white stripes.


And here is the finished model


A few notes on this —

1. I spent too much time on the finish and not enough on the final assembly. Some parts of this is barely holding together.

2. For the stars on the hood I used a star-shaped paper cutting tool, and cut stars out of white decal paper. That worked pretty well. I did run into one problem – I used a template to mark where each star would go, and put a tiny blue dot in each place with a magic marker. It looked great to begin with, but the next day there was a blue dot in the center of each star where the marker had bled through. I fixed this with some white paper, but it ended up not looking quite as smooth as it would have otherwise.

3. For the shading on the white strips I used black paint in the airbrush. I think I would have been better off with some more transparent paint and build this up with several layers instead. As it is, it looks a bit splattery.

4. There is probably a better way to mask the curved stripes. I used narrow tape and curved it by hand. A better way might be to get a wide tape or contact paper and cut out the curves before. It might also be possible to cut the shapes in decal paper and apply those.

5. There are a lot of layers of paint on this – 1-basecoat, 2-glossy black, 3-chrome, 4-5-candy paint, 6-10+-future floor polish.



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