The Abyssal Dweller

This another one of my current projects. It’s the Abyssal Dweller from Collapse Industries. I got the larger 10″ version first, and then the 3″ version. I am using the small one as a testing ground before I tackle the large one. I am thinking of making his skin look shiny and fishy (very original, I know…).

So far I have cleaned up the figure, and applied a basecoat:


I then sprayed it with chrome spray paint. My plan is to make it shiny and then paint with transparent paints on top of the chrome, and hopefully get some sort of fishy looking result. Here’s the chromed version. I left the gills on the side of his head without the chrome, as I don’t think those needs to be shiny.

abyssal2 abyssal3

Next I think I need to get some sort of transparent medium, and start experimenting… I have done a quick test so far, as it does seem like the acrylic paint will adhere to the chrome finish without too much problem.

Note: I got this copy of the Dweller directly from the owner of Collapse Industries. This is a figure that did not pass their quality control. So don’t fret if you are thinking of buying this great figure, but detect some flaws in these pictures.



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