Rocco – the most massive mounted orc

This is one of the projects I am currently starting. It’s ‘Rocco – the most massive mounted orc’. This is from an Indiegogo campaign I supported last year. I received this last week.

This is a big figure! Well, as far as miniature figures, go, I guess… It comes in a lot of pieces. Over 30, I think. Here’s what I got:


The details in the figure are amazing.  But to be honest, the way the pieces fit together is not the greatest… I’ve had to to use quite a bit of putty to get it all to fit. I think I got is assembled as far as I want before I start painting though. This is what I have currently:


The banner is probably the most intimidating piece, as I feel I ought to put some cool freehand design on it. I still haven’t decided what I want to do with this. I am still trying to decide what color scheme to use. The beast has some armor on him, so I might try for a lighter skin with dark armor for a nice contrast. As for the orc himself… they are usually green, but I painted a reaper orc before in a teal colors scheme, and that turned out pretty good… I’ll have to see. First I’ll prime it all with my airbrush.


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