Online miniature painting contests

I’ve discovered that there are often sort sort of online miniature contest going on. Whether it is just a simple challenge in a forum or a bigger contest sponsored by the manufacturer. I’ve participated in a few so far, and will participate in more as I see something that looks fun and interesting. Now, I have no illusions of winning a contest, or even placing in one, but I still enjoy it. I think it is easier to appreciate the work of the other contestants when they have been painting on the same figure, or a figure similar to the one you’ve painted.

The Wamp forum appears to have a fairly constant stream of contests. I have participated in two of them so far — one for Morland Studios and one for Wyrd miniatures. For the Morland Studio contest I entered Kreimhild’s Revenge


This one won a ‘special award’. Got some store credit at Morland Studios that I used to get their cool Eleanor Flapper Bust

In the Wyrd Miniatures contest I entered the Hanged figure.


This one did not win anything, but I hadn’t really expected it too. I still had fun painting it and voting for the other entries in the contest.

Currently there are three contests that I am thinking about participating in, though often I never get around to actually painting anything before the deadline for submission.

Wyrd Miniatures
This one is set up by Wyrd Miniatures directly, and not on the Wamp forum. They have categories for Singles, Crew and Diorama. I have not decided yet what I want to enter… the Wyrd miniatures I own are a set that I bought at an auction in the local game store. They are all the same type of figures, and they belong to the same ‘crew’, so if I can find the time, I might enter in that category. That will require me to paint at least five figures though. The due date for this contest is July 18

Paint Like a Hero
This is a contest by Wamp and Figone. The idea is to paint a Figone figure as one of your miniature painting ‘heros’. To try to emulate their painting style, etc. To me, the style of many other painters are just ‘way, way better than me’, but I will give it a try. I do have some figures from Figone already ordered. This contest is due July 31

Red Box Games
Another Wamp contest. This is with Red Box Games. I had never heard of this company before, and I can’t understand how I could have missed them. They have a lot of great looking figures. This is the company of Tre Manor, a great miniature sculptor. I have painted a couple of his figures already that he made for Reaper Miniatures. I looked through the site, and found at least a dozen figures I want to order. I will try to narrow this down to one or two, and get them ordered. This contest is not due till August 24, so I have some time to work on that.


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