Infamy Miniatures – Uncle John Bust

Infamy Miniatures is a small miniature company in the UK. They have a bunch of cool figures, and I made an order with them during one of their sales a few weeks ago. I got four figures from them. All of them are amazingly detailed, and very well cast. It doesn’t look like they will require much cleaning at all.

Right not they are selling several different miniature figures, but they have plans to make a game that ties it all together. I don’t have that much interest in the game, but the figures are cool. They have announced that they will have a Kickstarter starting in mid July. It sounds interesting, I will keep an eye on it, and most likely I will be supporting it.

Recently they had a painting contest for their Uncle John bust. And while I have no illusions that I will win a contest, I think it is fun to participate. And in this case, you will get some free credits for the kickstarter for just participating. They had some extra perks for posting WIP pictures, so for this one I actually have some pictures taken throughout my painting process.


This is a bust of a Circus Manager with a parrot on his shoulder (and a monkey under his hat). I started with the parrot. It looked like a macaw to me, so I used those colors.


The bust itself. Based it with Vallejo primer. I used the airbrush for this. It took many layers of red to get it to cover the basecoat…




It was a fun bust to paint. Some of the other WIP that were posted by other painters were amazing. It’s hard to believe that they can paint such tiny details so accurately. I do think it is more enjoyable to see other people’s paintjobs on figures you have painted yourself, because you know all about that figure, and what it really looks like.

This is a picture of the final bust




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