Toad King Finished

Remember those miniatures I won in a drawing that I wrote about a little while back? The company Aradia Miniatures, were having a contest for one of them – Toad King, and I decided to join in.

I did get a pretty late start at this, and only had a weekend to complete this from start to finish. The Toad King is a great figure. It did require some assembly – the left hand, right arm and loin cloth where all separate pieces. I decided to try to paint it like a real toad — the European Green Toad. In hindsight I am not sure this was such a good idea. Half-way through I though it looked horrible, but I guess it came together pretty nicely at the end. But if I were to start over, I would probably chose a darker color scheme, or possibly make him green.

I make his base out of merlin’s magic and a rock mold I had. It ended up fitting pretty well with the figure.

Oh, and after I hurried to get this finished in time for the contest, they announced that they are extending the due date for another month. Oh well… at least I finished it, but I might have enjoyed being able to spend a little more time on it. Which I guess i can still do…

Here’s some pictures:

toadking_donald1 toadking_donald2 toadking_donald3



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