I was lucky!

In my mail a couple of days ago was a brown padded envelope postmarked in Italy. I was the kind of envelope that would contain some new miniatures I’ve ordered, only problem was I couldn’t recall ordering any figures recently. My wife was making comments about how my miniature habit is getting out of hand, making so many orders that I don’t even know what I have coming. I know I have several kickstarter projects that I supported that is coming in, but none of them should be coming soon, and none of them should fit in one padded envelope…

As I opened the envelope it became even more puzzling, as it clearly contained two miniatures. There was also an accompanying letter that explained things – it turns out I had won the figures! A company in Italy that I had ordered a figure from in the past had a drawing among their customers, and had been selected to receive these! The company is Aradia Miniatures, and the minis were ‘Toad King’ and ‘Nyara, the fox lady’. Both of them look great, especially the Toad King! I will definitely enjoy painting these. Thank you Aradia Miniatures!



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