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Yet another blog… I am planning on using this to keep track of things I do in my most recent hobby – painting miniature figures and scale models. My track record on keeping blogs active is not very good. I usually end up spending too much time trying to make sure all posts are clever or at least interesting. Since I am not particularly clever nor interesting, this can be quite a challenge. And so I usually stop posting after a few entries. Maybe this time it will be better though, as I am just writing for my own benefit, and to keep track of my projects.

BTW, is not a particularly fitting domain for this hobby, but it’s one that I already had registered and wasn’t using. I registered that many years planning on using it for a moderated directory of craft related sites. I ran out of steam halfway through that project though, which is too bad I am a sure it would have been a great success that would have made me millions. In either case, at least I have a use for the domain now, after paying for it for all those years.

Donald :)


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