Different painting for a change
January 7, 2016

It’s been a long time since i have done any regular painting. But this year I thought I’d try do put some paintings together to send to my family in Sweden. At least they are fairly easy to ship, and I usually have problems thinking of what to send anyway.

We had some left over masonite hardboard from some recent house project, so I decided to use that. I didn’t really have any specific motif in mind, so I just decided on some more or less at random. This is the first time I have tried painting with acrylic paints. We had a set of 6 basic acrylic art paints, and of course I have all my miniature paint as well.

For the first painting I decided to make blue bird. For this I didn’t use any specific reference, but just several pictures or blue birds, and flowers. The yellow coreopsis are based on a picture from our yard that Michael took.

I used the airbrush to make a background, the I started with the old post.



I used the art acrylics for the bird.



I did the yellow coreposis next.



The blue flowers in the background turned out a bit wonky. I was planning for them to be veronicas, but they don’t look much like that.




At the end I added a small lady bug. Here’s a closeup.


I added some grass to the bottom area. This is the final painting. The size is about 16″ x 12″





The second painting was a smaller one. This one is about 10″ x 10″. This one is based pretty closely on a picture of a horned owl I found online. I just added small twig as well.



The final painting:




For the third, I tried to make a copy of an album cover. My brother had mentioned to me a long time ago that he was looking for a good picture of this cover so he could have it printed and hung on the wall. This is supposed to be the cover of Bruce Springsteen’s album Nebraska. This one is about 16″ x 16″

I did the flat colors on the background with the airbrush and masking. Then I hand painted the rest.



The final painting.




I have never really done that much artwork, and none in the last 5+ years. But this was fun to work on. Michael said she wanted me to make some to hang on our walls, so I need to thing of something else to paint.



Painting Light on the Cheap
November 4, 2015

This is a short overview of the lighting I have set up in my painting area. It’s no revolutionary ideas, for sure, and it’s been done before. But I thought this might help some who is trying to equip their studio without spending a fortune.

Most of the material for these I already had at hand, so my total cost for this setup was probably around $30.

What you’ll need:

  • Two empty 1 gallon paint buckets
  • Two 1x2x8′ sticks of wood
  • A few screws
  • Concrete
  • A couple of clamp lights
  • A couple of clamps
  • Light bulbs

Ok, the idea is to use the buckets filled with concrete as a weight to keep the lights steady.


I used a short piece of the wood on the inside to make it easier to attach the stick straight. The remaining piece I cut to about 6 foot length. Obviously this can be as long as short as you like, but if you make it much longer it will be more cumbersome to carry through doors, etc.



I attached this with a couple of screws through the side of the bucket



The bucket is then filled with concrete. Concrete is heavy, so you don’t really need that much in there to make these pretty sturdy. Looks like I filled mine about 2/3 full, but it would probably work with half full buckets too. That would make them a bit lighter to carry around.

Then on the stick I attach a common clamp light. You can get these from the hardware store for $5-$10 each. The ones I use are about 8.5″ across in the front.



The clamp on the lights tends to get a bit loose over time, so I use a second clamp to secure. For the light bulb I use a bright 23W natural light CFL bulb.


A big advantage of this setup is that you can easily reposition the lights by moving the buckets and adjusting the clamp up or down on the stick.

Two sticks with lamps like this gives me a bright evenly lighted work area. Often I have one positioned on my palette and I am working under the other one.



My airbrush station is in the other corner of the room, but moving a bucket over there only takes a second:


In addition, these lights are excellent for photography. I just move the buckets closer and the lights down. Here I am using a plastic ice-cream bucket as a diffuser.


You get a nice bright even light.


The resulting image (still have some details to finish up on this one…)


I am sure there are many other lighting setups that are better, and definitely looks more elegant. But for the price, the versatility of this set up is hard to beat.



McFarlane Daryl on Chopper – Finished
September 26, 2015

I’ve finished my repaint of this little kit from McFarlane.

I had fun working on this, and it turned out pretty well. The details and likeness is really rather good, especially considering how cheap these kits are.

I ended up building my own base, and not using the road tiles. Everything has been repainted except for the Interstate road sign. I just thought it would be hard to make this much better than the print that was already on there.

Here’s a picture of the the paint I did on the zombie.

And this is the final vignette


McFarlane Toys – Daryl on Chopper, repaint
September 12, 2015

A while back I bought a McFarlane Toy Building set that I found on sales. It’s a scene with Daryl Dixon from the Walking dead. It’s really just a simple toy, but I thought I’d try to improve the paint on it. It has been sitting on my shelf for quite a while, but today I through I’d have a stab at it.


This the box and all the parts



This kit has 154 parts. Most of those is the ground and pieces of fake grass



The pieces of the figures



This is the face ‘before’. It’s actually not a bad likeness, seeing how small it is.


I stripped the paint off the head, and primed it in black



Ok, here’s my attempt at painting the face. I still have some adjustments to do. I think it actually lost some of the likeness as I painted in the features. The eyes are too large, for once. I checked out some pictures for reference, and it seems the actor has fairly narrow squinty eyes. Also, the mouth does not look right at the moment. For once, it is a bit crooked. I will try to adjust this. He just looks a bit too happy right now ;)

daryl6  daryl7



Here’s another shot of the head for scale.



Rainbow Brush – prize
August 27, 2015

Whoa, I got the prize for winning the rainbow brush.

It was a huge heavy box filled with goodies! It was like Christmas, going through all the content of the box. In total there were about 40 figures, as well as a couple of dozen of bases, three paint racks and some weathering pigments! I can’t wait to paint the figures and use the bases. I already got the paint racks set up, and they are working great.

There were some 20 figures from Darksword Miniatures, and several from Infamy, Nosgard, Bombshell and Soda Pop miniatures. The bases were from Dark Tower Studios, and the weathering pigments from Secret Weapon.  Some very generous sponsors, for sure!


Iron Painter 2015
August 21, 2015

Yay, I won something!

As the dust settled after the last round of the Iron Painter, it turns out I won the prize for the highest score!

Technically, the highest score belonged to Curtis Shoemake, who won the whole contest. But the rules stipulated that one person can only won one prize. So since he got the $500 grand prize, he was not eligible for the highest score award. And apparently my entry from Round 1 was the second highest with a 54.

I got a $50 check and $50 store credit.  Thank you Wyrd!

The Rainbow Brush – results
August 15, 2015

The results are in, and my entry Won!
I’d say my entry was clearly not the technically best in the contest. But I guess it was representing the theme well, and it was bright, colorful and fun.

The prize is a few various things donated by several sponsors. Yay!



Rainbow Brush Contest
August 3, 2015

The Rainbow Brush Contest is a miniature painting contest set up by painter extraordinaire Marike Reimer. The contest is held at the GenCon gaming conference. But there is also an online portion held at the Wamp Forum. I decided to enter this.

The premise of the contest was pretty simple – paint a figure or group of figure that represents all the colors of the rainbow.

I decided to make a little diorama using some of the figures I recently got in the Darksword Critter kickstarter campaign. My plan was to make a musical ‘band, and I picked out the figures that were playing some sort of instrument. There were only three of them, so I added a fourth that had a fairly neutral post that could represent a ‘singer’. Still this was a pretty small band, so I ordered two more figures.

I made a small base, using some plaster and flocking. I gave it a catchy name, added a label and this is what I have submitted:

The voting has started, and we are waiting on the results. There are some very good entries.

Iron Painter Contest – Round 5
July 25, 2015

The last round of the Iron Painter contest has been completed. Since I was eliminated in round 4, I am just participating in the last round outside of the competition. The theme for this round was “Space Oddity”. After thinking of aliens and spaceships for a while, without any great ideas, I decided to have an alternative interpretation of the theme. Space Oddity made me think of Odd Space, and an ‘odd space’ is an Ames Room. That’s logic, right? I was curious if it is possible to make an Ames Room in such small scale.

It took quite a bit of experimenting to get the shape of the room right. Then the biggest challenge was to take the photos. I was not able to focus close enough with my regular DSLR so I had to use my old point and shoot camera instead. I think the distorted perspective worked out pretty well.

Experimenting with the room


Since the figures can be different scale, that kind of makes the effect of the ames room less effective, so I decided to use a couple of figures that was obviously of the same size. I also chose figures by Wyrd, since then everyone would know they only come in one size. I ended up getting the ‘nurses’

One of them painted:



Testing out the effect:



Painting the other nurse:



I decided to add another create as well. This is a monster from Reaper that I already had in my stash:



Painted the monster:








Both nurses painted:



The final images I submitted to the contest.


Kickstarter – Fairytale Game the Miniature Campaign
July 15, 2015

The Fairytale Miniature Campaign was the first campaign I supported on Kickstarter. It has been running behind schedule by quite a bit, but they have been pretty good and keeping supporters informed, so I have not been that worried about getting what I pledged for.

To speed things up they decided to split the shipment, and the first part of it was delivered a couple of weeks ago.

The figures looks good, they are plastic, but not bad quality at all. I will try to do a post about that soon.

But I wanted to get started on painting, so I have finished the first one. I picked one that looked like fun. This one is ‘Red’ who was in their ‘mercenaries’ box.






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